Regulatory Council

Traditional Aguardientes and Liqueurs from GaliciaTraditional Aguardientes and Liqueurs from Galicia- Our Maximum Guarantee

Our products are supported by the Regulatory Council of Traditional Aguardientes and Liqueurs from Galicia. By means of a constant and exhaustive control (through an accurate process of qualification: regular tastings, samplings, analysis, etc.) this board, which is part of the Ministry for Rural Affairs of the Government of Galicia (Xunta de Galicia), certifies and guarantees the compliance with current legislation, the care in all the processes, the respect for tradition and above all…the obtainment of Aguardientes and Liqueurs of THE BEST QUALITY.

The Government of Galicia, according to the Order of the 5th of May of 1989, recognized the Designation of Origin of the Galician Aguardiente and afterwards, the EEC Regulation 1576/89 was published, where general rules related to definition, designation and presentation of spirits were established. This Regulation included Galicia as the only Spanish region allowed to be under a designation of origin, in the same level as, for example, French marcs or Italian grappas.

 Nowadays, the Regulation in force was approved by the Ministry for Rural Affairs through the Order of the 3rd of January of 2012 and published in the DOG (Official Journal of Galicia) on the 16th of January of 2012.

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