Bohemian Glass

Limited production of a very exclusive design, whose glass comes from the Bohemian area (Czech Republic), a very well-known region all over the world because of its blowing glass industry.

Nido & Circle - Bohemia

Circle & Nido

Their rounded and delicate shapes are witnesses of the originality and creativity of these bottles, which could perfectly be an elegant and fine decorative item.
They have also an additional and important match: the high quality of our ‘aguardientes’ and liqueurs.

An ideal blend for those who follow a daily spirit of innovation and good taste.

Torcolato - BohemiaTorcolato

By means of an original and personalized design for our company, each bottle becomes a different and unique piece due to its handmade production and its accurate system of manual glass enlargement.

Therefore, it is a line that expresses and shows as any other the high quality of our ‘Aguardientes’ and liqueurs.

Innovation, class, design and tradition linked together in order to provide our selected customers with a final product that surprises and attracts because of its great singularity and distinction.