Pazo de Valdomiño Distillery represents the perfect balance between respect for tradition and adaptation to new technologies, giving as a result aguardientes and liqueurs of high quality, which never fail to surprise to the most anxious palates.

Our accurate process of elaboration starts every September with the careful selection of the bagazo, coming exclusively from the wineries under the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas, with a 95% of Albariño and a 5% of other autochthonous varieties such as Loureiro, Caíño Blanco…

After this collection, natural fermentation and its consequent conversion of sugars into alcohol take place for approximately twenty days.

Once it is fermented, we start the distillation itself, which can be double or triple by means of an advanced pulling steam system.

During the second distillation, we separate the different vapors according to its level of quality. The first condensed vapors, known as heads, are eliminated because of its high content of acetate and ethanal. The following step is the one that produces the hearts, which are used in the elaboration of our aguardientes.

The last condensed vapors, known as tails, are redistilled because of its low alcoholic strength and its impurities, such as methanol.

Elaboration of liqueurs

Our liqueurs are obtained by maceration, which consists on the separation of the soluble components of the best herbs and fruits, leaving them in aguardiente for several months.

This process of selection is essential, since it gives a great singularity and authenticity to our products, apart from guaranteeing a wide range of aromas and a high level of quality.