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Instalaciones Pazo de ValdomiñoThe Pazo de Valdomiño Distillery has become a reference point as far as elaboration and distinction of traditional Aguardientes and Liqueurs from Galicia is concerned.
A careful selection of raw material, quality and design are blended to create a wide range of products that never go unnoticed to the taste and sight of the traditional distillates lovers.

InstalacionesLocated in the O Rosal valley, at the mouth of the Miño river (natural border with Portugal) and known because of its ideal microclimate for the viticulture, our distillery stands out for the elaboration of Aguardientes and Liqueurs made from pressed Albariño grape skins and other local varieties. Besides, an accurate combination of herbs, fruits and coffee, where appropriate, becomes each liqueur into a unique product, with a particular colour and taste, very digestive and appreciated in our rich and varied gastronomy. 

Interior de la destileríaOur modern facilities define the nature of a distillery whose main aim is the recognition and appreciation of a distillate of quality by the most demanding palates.