Fonte do frade

A careful selection of raw material, the highest quality and an exclusive design are joined together in order to create products which, because of their distinct characteristics, never go unnoticed by the taste and sight of the most demanding palates.
This brand is inspired in a spring of its village, Goián, which is known as Fonte do Frade, where the crystalline and bright water always flows with the same purity that our distillates.

Aguardiente de Orujo Fonte do Frade

Aguardiente de Orujo

Licor de Hierbas Fonte do Frade

Licor de Hierbas

Licor Café Fonte do Frade

Licor Café

Licor de Miel Fonte do Frade

Licor de Miel

Tostada Licor Fonte do Frade

Tostada Licor

Crema de Licor Fonte do Frade

Crema de Licor