Distillate of fermented grape skins with an alcoholic strength between 50 ºand 65º. As a final product, it is bottled with a minimum of 37.5 % and a maximum of 50% alcohol by volume.
Grape skins which, after being pressed and fermented, are the raw material used for distillation.
Plant whose scientific name is Coriandrum Sativum (Coriander), which is sometimes mistook for parsley because of its appearance but it is completely different as far as aroma and taste is concerned.
It is considered both a plant (due to its leaves) and a spice (because of its seeds). Apart from its culinary use, it is also known since ancient times for its medicinal and curative properties. It eases digestion and it is suitable to prevent gastritis, pancreatic insufficiency, loss of appetite and flatulence. Besides, it is antispasmodic, invigorating and stimulating.
Process by which the previously pressed and fermented grape skins become into Aguardiente, by means of a pulling steam system.
By means of this process the conversion of sugar into alcohol takes place, being the natural yeasts the ones in charge of it.
Alcoholic beverage obtained by distillation, maceration or a blend of herbs, fruits…Sugar is added in order to obtain a product with a greater or lesser sweetness.
t consists on the separation of soluble components of fruits and plants, leaving them in aguardiente for several months. The use of fresh fruits and aromatic herbs guarantees the richness of aromas and the high quality of the liqueurs.